The Advent of Indoor Skiing

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Skiing is purely an outdoor recreational and sports activity. Several people, especially those living in tropical and hot-climate countries, are even going to other countries just to learn or perform skiing.

People would always associate snow with skiing. It is because without snow, skiing would not be possible. Not unless people would want to settle for water skiing which is entirely different from the usual skiing activity.

Thus, countries and resorts operators around the world have been constructing snow domes. Through snow domes, people in tropical and hot-climate countries can also ski without visiting or flying to other snow-filled and covered countries.

Indoor skiing

Snow domes make indoor skiing possible. Now it can possible to wear winter clothes and ski inside a covered court or stadium, then strip out afterwards and get a cone of ice cream from an ice cream parlor outside, where the climate is excruciatingly hot.

Indoor ski slopes is another term for snow domes. Indoor ski slopes make up for a controlled indoor climate in hot countries. Through the facilities of the indoor ski slopes, snow can easily and rapidly be manufactured.

To manufacture snow for skiing indoors, a snow cannon should be used. Thus, skiing could now be possible all year round and indoors.

Indoor skiing venues

The world?s first and pioneering indoor slope for indoor skiing was constructed in Adelaide in South Australia. That indoor skiing venue was called the Mt Thebarton.

Unfortunately, Mt Thebarton is currently shut down, and that could be permanently, because of the higher running and operational costs. These extra ordinarily expensive costs are brought about by the privatization of Australian electric and water utilities.

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Thus, water and electricity, the principal input and necessities in indoor skiing resorts and venues had been made more expensive, making the operations of Mt Thebarton not practical and feasible anymore.

The second largest indoor skiing venue in the globe is the SSAWS, which stands for local words, established in Tokyo, Japan. The SSAWS was opened in 1993.

However, the indoor skiing venue was closed in September 2002, because the location would be used for more lucrative residential and commercial developments.

The biggest indoor skiing venue

In Dubai, an extremely deserted and hot country, is the world?s largest indoors skiing venue or snow dome.

The developers of the indoor activity venue manufacture snow inside the big dome, which would make it possible for people to ski and enjoy winter weather, even during times of the year when domestic temperatures reach 40 degrees centigrade.

The indoor skiing venue has a lot more to offer. With an adjacent school / training center, where people wishing or willing to ski indoors would be trained and oriented on the activity.

Organizers and developers of the project said no one would be allowed to ski in the venue unless a clearance or certification from the school says that the person is capable of skiing.

Thus, safety of each individual would be ensured. The irony of it all, is that the indoor skiing establishment stands in a country where extreme temperature is common.

Thus, within a few years, expect the venue to add up to the numerous tourist spots and attractions in the industrializing and petroleum-producing Dubai.

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