Different Types of Paintball Fields

There’s so much more to paintball than just shooting. In fact, the steps leading up to shooting the opponent can sometimes be more vital. There are factors at work other than a player’s gun. One of the most important factors to consider is the type of paintball field you are playing in. There are different types of paintball fields commonly used today. Here are some of them:

1) Woods ? a lot of paintball fields today are located in fenced-off woody areas which are perfect for simulating jungle warfare. A lot of people prefer this type of paintball field as it offers a more realistic feel. This type of field presents the challenge of maintaining stealth in combat conditions. At the same time, this type of paintball field also requires a person to keep his or her eyes open as others are also relying on stealth.

The woods is also a type of paintball field which needs a person to make sure that he or she is in top physical condition as it is usually very big and requires a lot of running around. This type of paintball field may also require a person to climb a few trees in order to maintain stealth.

The woods are also the sort of paintball field which promotes spontaneous gun battles. This is because most of the players are so concentrated on finding their opponents that a single movement will trigger their reactions and they start shooting. There are two things that can then happen: the first is that other players will go to the source of the noise and a shooting war will begin. The other is that the battle will end abruptly with one player eliminated and people will move on to other gun battles.

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2) Urban warfare ? another popular type of paintball field is one which simulates the conditions of an urban battlefield. That is, there are certain obstacles which look like buildings and plenty of easy hiding places and ambush spots. This type of paintball field focuses more on teamwork and strategy than anything.

The commonly close-combat situations of this type of paintball field means that people need to carefully plan their moves before actually engaging the enemy. This type of paintball field may also require people to resort to tactics which manipulate their enemies. This is because it is often the case that the exits to any area are limited. Using this knowledge, a good tactician could practically predict the movements of opponents. Urban warfare paintball fields are usually very challenging in terms of mental work.

3) Speedball ? the “deathmatch” type of paintball field, this promotes the type of game that is in the name ?quick and explosive. Speedball paintball fields are usually quite small but very open with only a few small obstacles in the way to provide cover. Although these obstacles may provide shelter, they are not enough to hide a person which means stealth isn’t the actual skill needed here.

The speedball type paintball fields require a person to hit swiftly and accurately since it is more likely that once you miss, you won’t get the chance to miss again. This type of paintball field also doesn’t allow a player to rest for a long period of time and this means a person should have well developed cardiovascular system if he or she wants to dominate.

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